Parents Counseling Session at Ida Rieu School for Deaf and Blind

Lead Child Psychologist Raazieh Fatima was invited to the Ida Rieu School for deaf and blind in July 2021 to build a support group for parents to share about issues concerning their children.

Parents spoke about difficulties faced by their children at home, who are also students of The Ida Rieu School for Deaf and Blind students.

The Ida Rieu stands for a symbol of

Turning Disability into Ability

After hearing concerns from parents, a presentation was given to parents to successfully deal with their children at home. The main areas discussed were behavior and academics.

Parents were given many strategies to be able to successfully handle their children at home. The presentation by Founder Raazieh Fatima also touched on ADHD and Learning Difficulties which are commonly faced by students. Parents were given awareness on the description of these diagnosis as well as ways to deal patiently with these children.

Behavior issues come about when children cannot appropriately express their emotions or needs, resulting in problematic or aggressive behavior. Our jobs as parents or teachers is to teach them ways to express themselves as well as teach them in a way that they can understand rather than forcing them to behave as “mainstream” children.

Founder- Raazieh Fatima

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