ABA Course for Parents

Keeping in mind the restrictions due to Covid 19, and parents being unable to send their children for therapies like they previously could, Raazieh Fatima (Child Psychologist and Remedial Therapist) founder of The Majoris Inclusive Centre & School organized a certified course for parents of children with ASD and ADHD with BCBA Afshaan Fatema (Texas USA)

In October 2020, a 15 hour course was held to educate parents on ABA techniques which can be easily applied at home.

BCBA Afshaan Fatema who supervises a team of Behavior Therapists in Texas, USA trained a total of 13 participants who had signed up for this course held online on weekends in October. Participants attended from UK, Dubai and Pakistan.

Parents could easily gain information sitting in the comfort of their home. This interactive session allowed many parents to discuss case studies of their own children and how they could work towards implementing simple techniques consistently with their own children who are autistic. The main topics discussed in this course were

  • Basics of ABA
  • Pairing and Placing Demands
  • Reinforcement and Consequences
  • Setting Boundaries and Restrictions
  • Using Visuals
  • ABCs
  • Errorless Teaching and Prompting
  • Functional Communication
  • Token Economy
  • Naturalistic Teaching
  • Transitions/Preparing for Something New
  • Social Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Sensory Diets

With the help of videos, participants were asked to identify function of behavior being carried out and what interventions could be used in such situations. This is what a few of the participants had to say about the course. “I recently did an ABA course with them and it was amazing. The points and the topics plus relating everything with real life experiences. I had an amazing experience.” – Kiran Fatima “Being a therapist myself and working with children it’s always good to have a refresher course. Thank you Raazieh for an amazingly well organized course. Looking forward to more trainings like this!” – Ms R Atif

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